US Decision On Foreign Students’ Visas Can Hurt Many Foreign Students And Can Affect US’s Image


Foreign students must leave the United States this autumn if their university’s classes will be taught fully online or switch to another school with in-person instruction, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced on July 6.

The ICE agency said people could face deportation if they don’t follow the rules. It announced that those students must transfer or leave the country or they face deportation.

The new guidance applies to F-1 and M-1 visas holders, which are issued for academic and vocational students. According to the data, the State Department issued 388,839 F visas and 9,518 M visas in the fiscal year 2019. This move may affect many foreign students in the US. Many students travel to the US for higher studies.

This will affect large number of students from Asian countries like Nepal and India. According to a report from 2019, 13000 Nepali are studying in the US, which is the 12th group of foreign students studying in US. For Nepali and Indian families, sending their children has long been a rite of aspiration. For them, the US is a land of opportunities. According to a report, there are more than 2,00,000 Indian students studying in the US.

This move is wrong, cruel, and insensitive, and it can affect the US’s image of a credible destination for pursuing higher studies for many international students. This regulation has given foreign students a few options beyond leaving the US or transferring schools. Many international students were dependent on visas and many would be unable to follow online classes due to the time difference between the US and their home countries.

Expelling students during this global pandemic hurts many foreign students. This is the time when everyone is trying to get back to normal but this kind of rule can imperil students. This is a crucial time when the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world. The world now faces an uphill battle as no one knows how deadly this virus can be. Many colleges and universities in the US have announced their plans for the semester of fall 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic. Harvard University announced it would deliver the course instructions online for the next academic year. The US administration should have emphasized the online classes and made suitable arrangements for it but it is curbing the online classes.

As many foreign students from the world are studying in the US, this rule can adversely affect the relation of the US with other countries. This move also can politically unfavorable for the president of the US, Donald Trump, who is contesting with Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden in close presidential elections. This can be a great blow to the US economy also. International students contributed greatly to the economy of the US. In 2018, foreign students contributed $45 billion to the country’s economy. In 2018-19, the US had more than one million foreign students, according to the Institute of International Education. That’s about 5.5% of the total students in the country.

Trump’s administration has introduced and imposed many new regulations on immigrants in recent months owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. In June, work visas of many non-immigrant workers were suspended. Similarly, the US suspended the asylum-seekers’ administration at the southern border with Mexico.

The US administration’s moves can seriously affect its image and ruin its relations with other countries. US President Donald Trump should think about his moves before it’s too late. Else his move can be politically unfavorable for him and can adversely affect the image of the US.


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