नेपाली र बिदेशीलाई किन फरक फरक मुल्य ?

Pic - Welcome Nepal/ Nepal Tourism Board

केहि महिना अघी मेरो एकजना साथी नेपाल घुम्न भनेर अमेरिकाबाट आएका थिए । पहिलेदेखी नै उनमा नेपाल घुम्ने ठुलो इच्छा थियो र त्यसैकारण उनी यहाँ आएका थिए ।

नेपाल आएको केहि दिनमै मैले उनलाई काठमान्डुको बिभिन्न ठाउँहरु लगेँ । शुरुमा उनलाई मैले बसन्तपुर लगेँ । त्यहाँ प्रबेश शुल्क दिएर हामी भित्र छिर्यौँ । अनि त्यहाँ बिभिन्न सामानहरु बेच्ने मानिसहरुले उनलाई घेर्न थाले । उनीहरुका सामानहरु किनिदिन आग्रह गर्न थाले ।

अचम्म त के भने उनीहरुको सामानको मुल्य पनि फरक फरक हुने रहेछ नेपाली र बिदेशीका लागी । बिदेशीका लागी उनीहरु धेरै मुल्य भन्ने रहेछन् । मैले यो कुरा उनलाई भने र उनी पनि एकछिन त अचम्ममा परिन् । उनले सोधिन् ‘ के यहाँ सबै ठाउँमा यस्तै हो ?’ मैले सबै ठाउँमा त यस्तो होइन भने ।

उनका अनुसार उनको देशमा यस्तो खासै नहुने भनिन् । उनको प्रश्न अझ कडा रुपमा त्य्र्सियो , सोधिन् ‘के उनीहरुले हामीलाई सेतो छाला भएर उच्च मुल्य भनेका हुन् ? मैले त्यसो त हुन नपर्ने भने उत्तर दिएँ ।

बास्तबमा अहिले हामी भ्रमण बर्ष मनाइरहदा यस्तो व्यवा हारले नकरात्मक प्रभाव पार्न सक्छ । बढी कमाउने दाउमा हामीले नकरात्मक प्रभाव पारिरहेका पनि हुन सक्छौँ । सबै सचेत हुनुपर्छ ।


  1. Nepal is a tourist place so there is different price between local nepali people and tourists. I think most of the course tourists rate are always different there is no comparison with locals. If they are traveling they have to understand that they are tourist not local and people who have tourism business that’s their income sources. I think it’s stupid to compare with local people.

  2. ok but this woman just bought a plane ticket for her leisure to Nepal. Not many ( and yes some do but in terms of percentage of the population) people in Nepal are able to do that. so i’m sorry but saying she is struggling while she is on holiday seems to be pretty FUNNY to me ! Not saying she is rich but she should be insightful enough to admit that her life quality is better than most people in Nepal and therefore paying more for an entrance fee is acceptable. Demanding where the money goes for the entrance fee should be the issue 😀

  3. I hate it when I see these whiney rants. First let me say you are not being charged because you are white… you are being charged because you are a foreigner. You may think you are “poor”, but I can assure you that in the big picture you are relatively wealthy. Is your personal income less than the equivalent of $1,000 USD per year? If he is lucky, that is probably about what the ticket seller where you are lodging you complaint makes. are you feeling proud of yourself yet?

    After all you managed to scrape together enough rupees to travel to Nepal. Few Nepalese will EVER be able to travel to where ever it is you came from. If they do manage to save enough rupees to go to your country, there are two likely scenarios. 1). They are traveling as a migrant laborer, to work long hours under often treacherous conditions for wages that are hideously less than your fellow countrymen would ever except. OR 2). They will spend a ridiculous amount of money to meet all of the requirements to apply for a visa, only to be rejected.

    And then there is the matter of cost… How much does it cost to maintain and often restore these priceless and historic monuments and temples? If the native Nepalis, to whom these places belong are charged admission, most would not be able to visit their own treasured sites or to worship in their own temples. How much money did you plane ticket cost? Surely you can budget $10 more to visit Pashupati, or Patan or Bhaktapur…

    As for the sliding scale of hotel rates, this is not only Nepal but it is universal. Some hotel keepers use higher rate to weed out what they consider to be undesirable guests. Also in these high tech times with on-line booking, the prices are constantly changing. It is a little bit like playing a slot machine. Just crosss your fingers and hope you hit is when the price is low.

    Not long ago, Nepal had a reputation as being a low cost exotic adventure. Do not forget, this is a landlocked, under developed nation. Importing goods and services that were at one time unnecessary, has taken a toll on the economy of the country. If you think you have no responsibility as a visitor, maybe you would be better off drinking your daiquiri on your unspoiled beach at home.

  4. “People in Nepal should understand that all people who are white or ‘khaire/khairini’ may not be necessarily rich” 😂😂😂 Well, when you travel from Australia to Nepal to chillout, you can afford a plane ticket and some vacation sipping some cocktails so one can assume you’re rich comparing to the vast majority of the people living in the country you visit. I would rather say that tourists coming to poor countries should stop complaining about special fees, bargaining about impossible things and ask themselves once for all: should we participate for real to the economy of the least developed country I’m visiting so it will give it a chance to develop OR am I happy with the global situation, me living in a nice country, with a nice welfare, a pretty education system and useful utilities all around and the poor being stuck in a country where clean running water is still a dream? Seriously…


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