The Art of Cholita Wrestling


The word ‘cholita’ used to be a derogatory term for indigenous or mixed heritage girls but since not so long ago it has gained a positive meaning, characterising strong and proud Bolivian women.

Wrestling is part of many cultures but in Bolivia it has a special form: the Cholitas are a landmark event which combines sports and theatrical entertainment. Female wrestlers dressed in skirts and bowler hats engage in really tough fighting with each other on the ring. They can also spar with male opponents and interact with the audience, talking to the fans.

Originally, Cholita wrestling started as a way for females who suffered from domestic abuse to express their frustration and release stress. But after local wrestler and promoter Juan Mamani came up with the idea to bring the women into the wrestling ring, this turned into an entertaining event. 

Learn more about the art of Cholita wrestling in Sputnik’s photo gallery. – SPUTNIK.


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