Hidden gem of Okhaldhunga (Photo Feature)


Pokali waterfall is the second highest waterfall of Nepal flowing from last hundreds of years from the height of 130 meters. It lies in Likhu Rural Municipality, the western part of Okhaldhunga district of Province number one of Nepal. The source of the waterfall is from Himalayan region above the waterfall. This breathtaking waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests all around. This waterfall got its name from Sunuwar language, Pokali. Tourists are increasing in this area day by day to see the beauty of this waterfall. Whole villagers are excited nowadays due to increasing possibility of tourism for visiting this waterfall. As the nation is celebrating Visit Nepal 2020 year, this waterfall had got lots of opportunity to increase tourism in Okhaldhunga district. Not only this, Nepal Tourism Board had included this Pokali waterfall within Top 100 destinations on Nepal for the upcoming tourism year also which will help this hidden gem of Okhaldhunga to explore its beauty.

Let us view the hidden gem ofPokali Waterfall , Okhaldhunga –


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