How reasonable is it to worship stray dogs once in a year and ignore other days?

Pic - Google/Petmd

Kukur Tihar is the second day of Tihar festival. On this day, devotees worship dogs, offer garland and share a cordial relation with a dog. According to Hindu belief, a dog is regarded as the guard of Yamaraj.

People even worship stray dogs that are roaming around the city. But how reasonable is it to worship them once in a year and ignore the other days?

According to KAT Centre, Kathmandu is the shelter for more than 25,000 dogs. Their condition is very deplorable. According to the Centre, stray dogs are commonly afflicted with injuries from collisions with cars, starvation, open sores with maggot infections, severe skin problems such as mange, and infectious ailments.

Puppies especially struggle to survive in hostile environments. Countless dogs are forced to live in squalid conditions. There are many animal welfare organizations that claimed to work for the interest of animals but every year, their condition is reprehensible.

Nepal Government used to poison \stray dogs every year with strychnine in order to control dog population. It’s sad that our Government is unable to manage them properly.

The dog is considered to be man’s best friend but sadly, there is a dark side to having dogs on street. More unfortunate is that people remember them only once in a year and ignore rest days.

There is saying “Street dogs are not owned by anyone but are not wildlife either.” So they should be cared, loved and managed properly not only once in a year. There should also bring out effective plans to manage them properly.


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