No one should be above the law


Former Minister and Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Mohammed Aftab Aalam was arrested in connection with an explosion and the subsequent murder of at least 23 persons in Rautahat  a decade ago.

Alam was arrested for his involvement in a bomb blast in Fradahawa, Rajpur on 9 April 2008. According to the petitioners and accounts of villagers, the explosion had occurred while Alam was getting people to make bombs to create terror in the Constituent Assembly elections with the intention of taking hold of election booths .

According to report and eyewitness statements, at least two dozen people were injured in the explosion. Alam has been accused of taking the blast-injured and the dead to a nearby brick kiln to crush the evidence.

Following the incident, Oshi Akhtar and Trilok Pratap Singh, the families of the victims had filed an FIR against Aalam, his brothers, and others. But it was in vain as police didn’t arrest him due to his top connection.

The Supreme Court in 2012, four years after this barbaric incident, had ordered the case to carry ahead but it was put into effect. The petitioners later file a complaint with the Judgement Execution Directorate in March this year.

The most disappointing part was the Chief District Officer of Rautahat and the Police in charge turned one’s back on and refused to investigate this dreadful incident. According to the report and eye-witnesses, security officials were involved in covering up the scene of the crime and helping to ravage the evidence.

There may be other such incidents also that were clandestine due to power and money. The culprits of such dreadful incident should be arrested. Law should be equal to all.


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