Coffee culture in Kathmandu


Coffee, once upon a time, was considered to be a beverage of the foreign land. However, in recent years, it has gradually made its way in many eateries, restaurants, homes, and eventually the hearts of many Nepalese people. With time, people’s affinity towards coffee has gradually been rising, in Nepal.

The discovery of coffee has many stories entailed to it. One  such interesting  story tells that coffee was discovered  by a Sheppard named Kaldi , in the 11th century  in Ethiopia, when he noticed that his sheep remained more active after eating the coffee beans ,which he thought were berries, from the  tree. Nevertheless, in Nepal, the recognition and popularity of coffee began only at the end of the twentieth century.  Today coffee is regarded as an important cash crop that is in huge demand, domestically and internationally.  This beverage is highly popular among the youths in the K- town.

Following are some really popular varieties of coffee among coffee lovers in Kathmandu.


Espresso topped the list because most of the drinks Kathmanduites prefer are some form of Espresso drinks. Finely ground coffee beans are brewed by forcing a small amount of boiling water under pressure. Espresso is stronger than coffee brewed by other methods. Students drink it to stay overnight to study as it is very strong and keeps you awake even if you take a few shots. Unlike other drinks, espresso is served in a very small vessel filled with no more than two to three shots.

Café Latte:

Latte is popularly known for its two types, hot latte, and iced latte. Most Cafés in Kathmandu serve Café Latte as their most popular drink apart from the usual ‘normal’ coffee. This coffee looks and sounds pretty fancy but Baristas find it effortless to blend steam milk and espresso and add Latte art on top of the mixture. The coffee is beautiful to the eyes and a treat for the taste buds.


Cappuccino was originated from Italy and is considered an Italian drink. It is prepared with double espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam. Sometimes, people also use cream instead of milk and top it with cinnamon. Cappuccino is named according to the color preference of the drinker and the color usually, comes from the kind of beans used. These days, people mostly use espresso instead of other brews. Since it is an espresso drink, it is prepared in an espresso machine. People often confuse Cappuccino and Latte to be the same drink but slightest of differences makes them unique and desirable in their own way.

Café Mocha:

Mocha is a chocolatey drink prepared using espresso, hot milk, added chocolate, and other toppings at times.

Mocha is a delicious treat if you are a fan of chocolate and love sweet things. Even if it is made out of espresso, it isn’t that strong. Instead, it is known for its chocolaty taste. It is a very basic coffee also known as hot chocolate with espresso shot added. The good thing about Mocha is that anything can be used as topping to give it an extra taste.


Americano is another espresso based drink which can be taken with or without milk. It is considered the most popular drink in the United States and is also very popular in Kathmandu. It is very simple to prepare as it is only made out of espresso and hot water.  People from different origins also prepare it without espresso; instead, they add other roasted beans in the water.

The coffee lovers also adore this dark, yet stimulating beverage for its numerous health benefits. People have their own way of relishing this refreshing drink. Some prefer to enjoy it alone in solitude with a good book. Others prefer to have it with their companions with some chit chats. Conversation over a cup of coffee regarding any matter can refresh one’s soul, be it on any intellectual topic or a romantic date. Either way, it’s a great way to bond with people and make memories.


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