Bamdev Gautam did right


Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Vice Chairman Bamdev Gautam made a right decision on Saturday as he announced that he won’t contest the by-election for the parliamentary seat from Kaski.

Kaski-2, the constituency of late Rabindra Adhikari, has been lying vacant since the demise of the then Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation  Adhikari in a chopper crash.

After his drubbing from Bardiya-1 in the 2017 federal parliamentary election, senior leader of Nepal Communist Party, Bamdev Gautam has been looking gravely for ways to get into the House of Representatives. To comply with his wish, Nepal Communist Party lawmaker Rambir Manandhar also announced resignation from his parliamentary seat to take in Gautam in the parliament before.

However, general public and even fellow party leaders didn’t like it. People termed this move as perfidy as they had elected Manandhar for the terms of five years. Following the strong rebuff and rift within the party, Gautam decided to give up his decision to participate in the by-election.

Despite strong Left alliance, Gautam had failed to get a ticket to parliament after his defeat in federal parliamentary election. Since then, many leaders were approached to give up their seat for him. But only Manandhar had come to terms with him eventually which now seems trifling as Bamdev has retroceded the decision.

Gautam had played a constitutive role in the party unification. Even before the unification. His role is party is crucial.  Gautam did a right decision in a way. If he had contested in the by-election, there was no doubt of his defeat as people didn’t like it unless another inappropriate method was applied. His defeat would be a big catastrophe in his political career that would lead to its terminal.


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