Magic of Honesty


Honesty is the benign part of our life. It is the most essential
assets and not everyone does have it. William Shakespeare says no
legacy is as rich as honesty. It is the best policy. When something is
done with commitment and honesty, success isn’t far. It adds up to our
value. The secret of life is honesty; there is marvelous magic in it.
It is said that honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
Honesty will never break you. Who doesn’t love and respect a honest
people? All do. It adds up the value to the man. Honesty last for
long. Temporarily, one can get away by being dishonest but in long
run, honesty is what it pays.

Honesty is so rare nowadays. We have no courage to stand for what we
believe in. We are cowed by fear. We emphasize more on our image. We
do many things to impress other and don’t listen to what we believe
in. Honesty starts with being ourselves, and doing what we believe in
though it may not be always popular. But it will let become ourselves
and follow our dreams. How often have you had a dream, something you
just knew in your heart you wanted and could do, but because you had
no idea how, you dismissed it? And if you did pursue it, you did what
most people do: you took that dream of yours and shrank it until it
was only a tiny fraction of what you could have accomplished, and was
just big enough to fit into the box of your comfort zone. We take
other’s dreams as we aren’t honest with ourselves. We chose to be
doctor though we want to be an artist because we aren’t honest with

Most important part in love and relationship is honest. Many lie and
fake themselves. One of my friends had an affair with two girls at same time. He was
lying both and it didn’t last long. Dishonesty doesn’t last long. Many
of our leaders aren’t honest. As, a result, there are many problems of
corruption, chaos in the country. If they were really honest with
people, we would have developed a lot. But they are more confined to
power and money. A honest and committed leader can develop the country
but they
are rare here.

Honesty is the cornerstone of all success. A honest people can nestle
in everyone’s eye and are respected by all. Honesty cant be expected
from cheap people, one should have guts  to be true to self and


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