Travelers’ tickets could read: Be prepared for delays as VIPs are on the flight

Airbus A380

Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai was confronted by an enraged passenger over the delay in the flight.

The passenger of Buddha air complained that their journey to Kathmandu from Dhangadhi was delayed by one hour due to Minister Bhattarai. The video of the passengers confronting the minister became viral on social media. The minister was late due to delay in the inauguration of the Dolphin Festival in Tikapur.

However, the minister has apologized for causing a flight delay and inconvenience to passengers.  “The Buddha Air flight was delayed by 15 minutes as per our request because the program lasted longer than expected. I sincerely apologize for causing the flight delay,” Bhattarai said.

The statements on why the plane was delayed hasn’t been issued by the airlines till now.

Sometimes  transport services  get derailed due to natural calamities and maintenance requirements. But delaying the flight for one VIP can’t be so reasonable. There may be some emergency patients or some may have to attend important meetings on time. Shouldn’t the airlines think about that and be responsible?

VIP movements throwing other flights into chaos at TIA and causing inconvenience to other passenger often happens here. In few cases, other flights were either held on the tarmac or forced to hover in the sky to ease the movement of Prime Minister. With the surge of VIPs in Nepal, in order to reduce this chaos, VIPs can use separate helicopters. Or in the interest of fliers, shouldn’t we create a separate airport for VIPs? Till that becomes a reality, the travelers’ tickets could read: ‘Be prepared for delays as VIPs are on the flight’ as mentioned by Shashi Shekhar in Livemint.


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