Reactive strategies should be focused to prevent more acid attacks

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In a shocking incident, a teenage girl received burns after two youths threw acid on her in Birgunj Metropolitan City-5, Friday morning.

According to police, Muskan Khatun, 15, was critically injured after the youths threw acid on her. Police identified the culprits involved in the acid attack as Samsad Miya and Makshed Alam. According the report, police identified the culprits involved in the acid attack as Samsad Miya and Makshed Alam. Police have arrested Miya following the incident. 

The victim, who suffered burns on her face, chest and hands was rushed to local Narayan Hospital and later she was referred to Kathmandu.

In past also, there were acid attacks cases. Few years ago, two schoolgirls received severe burns while one escaped with minor injuries in an acid attack at a Basantapur-based tuition centre.

Acid attacks is a senseless crime and these attacks are blot in Nepal. This is a crime that attacks individuality and identity. It changes people – how they look, how they feel and remains for rest of their lives. Perpetrators intend to disfigure rather than kill their victims. The patriarchal reasoning that a woman’s appearance is her only asset often drives acid attack. These attackers assume to power to cause chaos in human flesh. In this incident, the victim is agonized and helpless, level of injury is left largely to chance.

Acid attacks are usually applied to ruin a women’s beauty, career, financial stability and her social status. This logic appears to hold water everywhere.

According to a report, approximately 1,500 acid attacks are recorded worldwide annually. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Cambodia and Uganda are countries with the highest reported cases.

 Burning a person’s skin with acid is a vengeful punishment and it is intended to blight life. The attackers feel powerful whereas it irreparably devalue the victim.

To stop this kind of incidents in future, reactive strategies such as policing acid sellers and buyers, terming longer prison terms for the attackers like in Britain, Italy, Bangladesh and India  should be focused and implemented. Awareness program should be carried out. Acids shouldn’t be easily available and the attackers should be given a very hard punishment so that people fear before committing this heinous crime. The crux of problem is our patriarchal mindset where boys think they are superior. Sometimes, to satisfy their ego, they tend to blight the life of women. Strong government involvement is vital in prevention of these kind of incidents.



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