Bandipur diary

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Travelling is the greatest form of learning. There is a saying that
the world is a book, and that those who don’t travel read only one
page. All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller may
not be aware, and that’s the beauty of travelling. Wherever we go, we
should go with our heart. We travel because we want to, because the
annoyance of being confined to one place is being outweighed by the
visceral thrill of being some place new. Sometimes, it’s not only
about a holiday or a form of relaxation, sipping daiquiris on an
unspoilt tropical beach or trekking in the mountains. It’s also about
the tedious act itself, just putting some miles between home and
wherever you happen to spend the night. It should be fun.

Bandipur can be the great place to stopover. It is one of the greatest
destinations for trekking. The real thrill of adventure is found here.
It’ s bewitching beauty can attract many travellers. Bandipur is
nestled in on a hilltop and rich with appealing scenery, Newari
culture, landscapes and trekking routes.

I, along with some of my friends went to Bandipur for our vacation. We
took a bus from Kathmandu and from Kathmanu to Dumre. Cars on rent are
also to reach Bandipur from Dumre. From Kathmandu to Bandipur, it
takes almost 7 hours to reach there if there are no jams.  We took a
public vehicle from Dumre to Bandipur and it took almost 15 minutes to
reach there. Bandipur spell bounded us with its mesmerizing natural
beauty. Our roller coaster journey from Dumre to Bandipur along those
forest and hills was bewitching.
Bandipur welcomes you with beautifully paved stones that lead to
community rich in architecture. Houses are of old style. There are
many restaurants, lodges to welcome you. Most of them are built in old
style. The earthquakes had not much effect on them. They are safe to
travel. Bandipur is mostly inhabited by Newar community. They serve
the guests so well. There are many lodges, guest houses of various
prices. We stayed in Mountain Village Resort located right after you
enter the Bandipur Bazar. It served so well. Their amiability is
exquisite. As the sun was about to set, we decided to visit Bazar next

Next day, the owner of Resort suggested us to visit a hilltop that was
located before you enter Bandipur Bazar. So we decided to go there.
Road was scary but when we reach there, we felt it was worth going. We
were on top. Sun was rising. We could literally feel and see the sun
rising. That’s priceless feelings can hardly be described in words. We
could see whole Banipur Bazar from there. I felt like heaven must be
something like this. I could never forget those precious moments in my
life. We stayed there few hours and returned back. Then we went to
Tuikhel. It is popular place for panorama. Dhaulagiri, Langtang,
Lirung, Manaslu, Machhapuchhare, and Ganesh Himal can be seen from
here. Then one local suggested us to go to another hilltop that was
located after Bandipur Bazar ends. We went there. From there, we could
see flowing rivers, Dumre Bazar and many other captivating views. Then
we decided to go to Siddha Cave, the largest cave of Nepal. It took us
almost one hour to reach there from village.  Our experience at Siddha
café was the most adventurous one- risky though but worth taking.
Then we returned back to Bandipur Bazar and visited few places and
Bazar that we missed.

Bandipur is the wonderful heaven nestled in lap of Himalayas. One
shouldn’t miss traveling there. Domestic tourism should also be
promoted. We shouldn’t confine ourselves to our cosy places. Let’s
travel and help those who are in need. Instead of always celebrating
weekends in restaurants and pubs, let’s explore new places and help
people in our own way. Nepal’s hospitality is rising again, and let’s
help them. Being generous isn’t always about altruism. It gives
satisfaction to us. Every penny that we spend can be a blessing to the
victims. So travelling is fun, let’s travel.


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