Why people in Nepal are becoming judges in social media?

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Now it seems that new judge is born. Judges aren’t limited to court nowadays only. They are born in social medias also. Either in Nirmala Panta’s case or journalist Shalik Ram Pudasaini’s case, people gave and are giving their judgement before and it was so viral.

In Nirmala’s case, we could see people saying the culprits were Bam sister, even SP and his son. But it didn’t produce any result. Till now, the culprit hasn’t been found.

The news of arrest of journalists Rabi Lamichhane and Yuvaraj Kandel of News 24 television in connection with the suicide case of journalist Shalik Ram Pudasaini is becoming internet darling.

Even in Pudasaini’s case people are becoming judges. They are taking different names and accusing them of murderer. Even some people are doing investigation of the video.

The thing is let police do it’s investigation. If we become judge like this and protest, this can hamper investigation. We can have opinions but let’s not hamper the investigation. If investigation is wrong , then it’s our duty to protest against it.


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