Instead of always celebrating weekends in restaurants and pubs, let’s explore new places and help people


Travelling is the greatest form of learning. There is a saying that the world is a book, and that those who don’t travel read only one page. All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller may not be aware, and that’s the beauty of travelling. Wherever we go, we should go with our heart. We travel because we want to, because the annoyance of being confined to one place is being outweighed by the visceral thrill of being some place new. Sometimes, it’s not only about a holiday or a form of relaxation, sipping daiquiris on an unspoilt tropical beach or trekking in the mountains. It’s also about the tedious act itself, just putting some miles between home and wherever you happen to spend the night. It should be fun.

We feel great travelling to different places. We get fulfilment by travelling. There is a saying that if travelling was free, you would never see me again. It hits our old thoughts and chokes down with new ideas and thoughts. We get to learn about different cultures, societies, traditions and places. There are many places to travel, and Nepal is one of them. What doesn’t Nepal have? Nepal is rich in natural resources, diverse cultures and traditions. The Nepal Himalaya is one of the greatest destinations for trekking. The highest mountain Everest lies here. The real thrill of adventure is found here.

Nepal’s bewitching beauty can attract many travellers. Though the earthquake left disastrous effects on Nepal, it’s still safe to visit. Many countries have barred their citizens from travelling to Nepal due to the earthquake, but now it is safe to travel. The best way people can help Nepal to rise from the rubble is to travel and help. In Nepal, tourism is one of the main sources of income of the people. Tourism creates jobs and opportunities. It is the safest and most direct way to help the people. There is no risk of corruption or misutilisation of funds. One can feel the trauma and pain of the victims.

Among the 75 districts in Nepal, only 10 were affected by the earthquake, the rest are safe. Similarly, among the 10 national parks, only one was affected; and among the eight World Heritage Sites, only three were affected. There are no other risks to fear. One can visit and help Nepal to rise. Domestic tourism should also be promoted. We shouldn’t confine ourselves to our cosy places. Let’s travel and help those who are in need. Instead of always celebrating weekends in restaurants and pubs, let’s explore new places and help people in our own way. Nepal’s hospitality is rising again, and let’s help them. Being generous isn’t always about altruism. It gives satisfaction to us. Every penny that we spend can be a blessing to the victims. So travelling is fun, let’s travel.


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