Let there be law to cancel the license of taxi drivers who refuse fare and commuters

Pic - NDTV

Recently, I was in Basantpur, Newroad for shopping. I had to rush for a meeting so I decided to choose a taxi. But I had to stuck in Basantpur for more than a hour.

Many taxi driver refused to go. They had many excuses. Some said the distance was very near and some charged very high. In the scorching sunlight I had to be stuck in same place. I guess many people might have faced same problem many times.

Like in Mumbai, can’t there be any law where the driver’s licence could be revoked for refusing the fare and commuters. According to NDTV, India , in a first, the Maharashtra transport department revoked licenses of 918 auto-rickshaw drivers in Mumbai and neighbouring Thane city for refusing fare, an official said on Wednesday.

Till now, licenses were cancelled for offences like furnishing fake documents to get permits, but not for refusing fare, a senior transport official told PTI.

Our government should also find a similar solution as many people are facing problems where searching taxi.


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