If students read, businessmen do business, workers do work and politicians do politics fairly, there wouldn’t be any problem


Why are there so many problems in Nepal? It’s mainly because of two
reasons—politics and preferences all around. A student doesn’t read,
but engages in politics, a businessman doesn’t do business but wants
to be in political game, and the same goes for workers and others. But
unfortunately, this political game isn’t always fair. Many times they
revolve around power and pulling each other’s leg. One reason behind
many problems is preference. In any organisation, if you apply for the
job, in most of cases, you get job because you have some kind of
relation to the boss. Due to this, the wrong person often gets a good
position and the right person never gets chance. Here, talent counts
less. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, what counts is how many
links and relations you have with concerned persons.

Everywhere you go, there are politics. You may travel in a public bus,
but you are afraid to argue with the conductor when they charge you
more. After all, they often have unions affiliated with some political
leader. In colleges, there are student unions affiliated with
political parties. Teachers fear to charge students for breaking rules
in fear of some kind of political retribution. A boss fears to
criticise his employees because they belong to political parties. The
police are forced to release criminals due to pressure from political
parties. Traffic police fear punishing law breakers because of
misdirected political pressure. In one incident I saw where a young
man on a bike hit a pedestrian. Luckily the pedestrian wasn’t hurt.
The man driving was actually in the wrong—driving on the wrong side of
the road. The traffic police arrived and asked him for his licence,
but the boy didn’t have one. After some arguing, the young man made a
phone call and handed it to the officer.  After a short conversation
they released him without any punishment. I was shocked—where was the
justice? And this political pervasion isn’t limited to people with
links with people high up in the political spectrum.

In this situation, real talent is often overshadowed. You get a job
not because of your talent but because you are have a connection to
the boss, owner or person even higher up. And when these connected few
get a job, they think they are superior to anyone else. Recently, one
of my relatives applied for job in an organisation. He had a Master’s
degree with first division and with a long list of experience as well.
In the end, there were two candidates for job. The other one had a
Bachelor’s degree. But the second one got the job simply because knew
the employer.

If everyone does their respective work independently and decently,
then there won’t be any chaos. Let students read, businessmen do
business, workers do work and politicians do politics fairly.


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