Why journalists in Nepal scream, shout and yell at guests ?


Real journalists don’t scream and shout. But in Nepal, we have seen many journalists yelling at the guests they invite for taking interviews.

Many times we have seen many journalists yelling and screaming at the guests. Some months ago, one journalist even told his guest, who was a leader to walk out of interview. Sometimes, it’s natural the interviewers have to face different types of guests. They can be rude or angry but it’s the ability of a real journalists to tackle it peacefully.

It feels they invite people to scold them and prove themselves as a hero. I am sure, many of us have watched such interviews. Is that a way? Obviously no. BUT unfortunately here people make such journalists internet darling. A journalist should be should be soft spoken, diplomatic and should have ability to tackle each and every situation.


  1. Nepalies journalist have no good education, trainings , and quality of speaking. They think shouting like indians makes them better journalist, they only understand hindi language better then English. They don’t watch BBC or CNN for quwality of their work.


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