What to do when a patient get heart attack on a plane ?

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‘I was on an hour long flight yesterday, from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu. As I sat regretting that I shouldn’t have been on this flight but be having a set of meetings to achieve work targets. God had other plans. The flight was facing rough weather, dancing about. It was slightly nauseating too, even for a regular like me. A few rows ahead of me, I saw an old man, highly fidgety. He was in his sixties. Next to him, his brother, in fifties too, tried to make him sleep.

The old man tried to sleep but couldn’t. He asked for water. Had it. Still uncomfortable. Even though the seat belt sign was turned on, he got up to go to the loo. He went to the loo. He returned, still very uncomfortable, tried to sleep, highly distressed, but seemingly couldn’t. I got back to my humanly thought cave. Suddenly, with his head on his brother’s shoulder, the old started going into Cardiac arrest. Yes, Cardiac Arrest. His brother held him tightly for dear life and helplessly started to cry, “Dai, don’t leave me alone. Dai, please dai. Dai, please. Don’t leave me…” Everyone on the flight was losing their minds, sitting in their seats, locked by the belt, watching in horror as a man was losing his life.

Nobody knew how to help. Air Hostesses-Pilot initiated Medical Emergency landing. Nearest airport was 20 minutes away. They asked if any passenger was a Doctor. No doctor. Air Hostesses tried all they could, didn’t waste a second. But suddenly, the old man collapsed, motionless. His brother started to cry.

I too jumped in to help. The old man was lifeless, with foam coming out of his mouth. It scared the shit out of me. My father is a heart patient and hence I had done a program, just in case, but never applied the knowledge, wasn’t sure if I could. But the old man seemed dead so I might as well try or regret for the rest of my life that I maybe could’ve done something. I tried to catch his pulse, was too pressurized to even able to judge it. He was not breathing.

Looking at the old man, seemingly dead, I tried with all I knew with the help of fellow passengers & air hostesses. Fortunately, the CPR worked. He came back to life. He was breathing. His heart was beating. God saved his life through our hands. We monitored his health till the plane made an emergency landing at the Bhairahwa airport. An ambulance took the old man to safety. Phew!

The old man was still alive.’

This is the story shared by Abhineet Kanodia on Facebook. In fact, heart attack can happen to anyone at anywhere. In fact every crew member should be given Basic Life Support Program. This can save a life.


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