Find permanent solution to flood, inundation (EDITORIAL)


At least 43 people have been killed, 20 injured and 24 still missing in in floods and landslides triggered by torrential monsoon rains in Nepal, officials said.

Torrential rains since past few days have left many settlements at high risk of floods and landslides in several places in Nepal. Transportation has also been disrupted in all major highways crippling the lives.

Rain-fed rivers have also started to swell embankments putting nearby settlements at danger zone.

Nepal’s weather department warned more heavy rain was expected in the coming days and suggested people to stay alert.

Officials said the Kosi River in eastern Nepal, which flows into the eastern Indian state of Bihar, had risen above the danger mark.

The Kosi has been a serious concern for both India and Nepal since it broke its banks in 2008 and changed course, submerging swathes of land and affecting more than two million people in Bihar. About 500 people died in that disaster, aljazeera reported.

 Monsoon patterns are changing and this region needs to prepare for more weather extremes, severe drought, as well as heavy rain due to climate change.

Last year also, series of landslides and flash floods triggered by heavy rainfall across the country ravaged roadways, school and houses while killing several people.

Floods have historically resulted from amalgamation of following natural factors in Nepal – torrential rainfall and cloudbursts, snowmelt and rainfall, glacial lake outburst floods and bishyari (breaking of dams caused by landslide). This year. scientists warn of more weather extremes due to climate change.

Every year, Nepal faces the problems of floods, landslide and inundation. Government should find permanent solution of the recurring problems of flood and inundation.

Natural processes can not be prevented by confronting them. However,we can mitigate their effects by helping us find ways to adjust to the processes. Nepal and India should find ways to find the solution of floods and inundation in border areas.

This crisis has one message – leaders and people should unite to find the permanent solution of this crisis.



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