Private cars should be banned in some roads of Kathmandu


Congestion in Kathmandu is common nowadays. During the peak hours, its very soaring. Like in many countries, its time to declare war on cars. Norway’s capital is the latest city to declare war on cars.

 Some, like London and Stockholm, have imposed congestion charges to discourage driving during peak hours. Paris has tried banning cars from driving on certain days, depending on whether they have even or odd number plates. Perhaps the most ambitious plan to curb cars comes from Oslo according to The Economist.

Norway’s capital has removed of public parking. Late last year, the government removed some 700 parking spaces from the city centre, replacing them with benches, bicycle docks and more pavement.

Some roads have been closed off to private cars. Oslo’s plans have often been billed as a “car ban” by the press and driving enthusiasts. This overstates the magnitude of the changes. 

It’s the high time that Nepal’s capital should also ban cars in some roads of cities that are narrow and causes huge congestion. This will help in curbing congestion and pollution.


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