Why should we pay for parking our vehicles when they aren’t safe?

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Recently, I along with some of my friends had gone for shopping in one of the shopping malls. We had parked our bikes in the space that was allocated for parking by the mall. More importantly, there was a guard too.

We parked there expecting our bike would remain safe. But that was trifling when we returned and found that our bike had eye-catching scratches.

Irony was the guard even asked the fee for parking. We asked the guard about the scratches and he said ‘ I have no idea, you should take care of your vehicle’.

I was so angry that I said him’ Then what’s the use of paying you?’ . But we had no choice. We paid and left in a rage for maintenance of our bike.

Shouldn’t these fancy malls provide free parking service to its customer when we are there to pay them? These problems are prevalent in many shopping malls, hospitals and other complexes. More importantly, even after paying too, our vehicles arent safe.

Government and concerned authorities should make some provision to solve these issues.


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