In Bihar, leaving elderly parents in old age home will land their children in jail

Pic - Agency/zeenews

The tragedy of old age isn’t the great number of years but the solitude. There is a saying, “Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”

Nowadays, there is a large population of ageing people who are neglected by society. The worst part is when they are disregarded by those who are expected to take care of them.

One can imagine how it feels when one is abandoned by one’s family at a time when they are really in need of them.

In our society, there are many old people who are neglected by their families. So they are bound to live in senior homes where they have no relatives to visit them.

Nowadays, many people prefer nuclear families. Consequently, they have no space for old people, and they leave them in old age homes.

In Bihar, abandoning elderly parents will land children in jail. According Hindustan Times, Bihar Cabinet-led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has approved a proposal to punish sons and daughters who abandon their elderly parents with a jail term.

The proposal of Bihar social welfare department has provisions for punishments which could go up to imprisonment if wards do not look after their parents properly in their old ages.

The cases against the wards will be registered under the non-bail able section in Bihar after receiving complaints from the elderly parents.

In Nepal also, many elderly parents are neglected by their parents. The number of old age home is on rise. Is rule like in Bihar needed in Nepal?


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