You shed your blood in foreign land but not in Nepal !


When I moved here, I got here with 2 colossal suitcases, a carry-on, and a dream. I still remember the excitement, I felt when, very late at night, my flight from Tribhuvan International airport touched down at JFK. Excitement was boundless. We from the little nation frequently longed for the city, ached for its way of life, it’s phenomenal chances, its feeling of being the center of the world. What’s more, I was once about to be a phase of all. Furthermore, society rumor (i.e. America visa simplifies career goals) vitalize my expectations and excitement by leaps and bounds.

Once, I landed, there was a sniffer dog and warning signs everywhere. People accent felt good on ears and ambience was blissful. Days went by and turned into months. I settled into the routines of my new life. Gradually, my wallet dimensions suffered like a person with malnutrition, getting thinner and thinner. Life started behaving in reverse pattern. The serious sentiments of achiness to go home and crabbiness starts encountering. It’s a tough life trying to make friends when there is a communication barrier. Especially an international student that must travel for up to two days to be with their family They will most likely coolly joke with you. Better believe it, I know how you feel.  But somewhere inside, they are supposing. What is this individual notwithstanding discussing? You and your family are in a same time zone! Speaking of time ones, there is nothing quite like playing a game of international phone tag with your family and friends who live in different parts of the world.

All I’ll say is your sleeping habits are never going to be the same again. And thank God for Skype and WhatsApp. Being on this situations, numerous time we suffered from the memories of blissful family days, day spent with friends and relatives. Most significantly, culinary habits in foreign countries is completely different from where we grew up. Hence, a loaf of bread and butter became the best possible option, which cannot replace the desire of mouthwatering dishes prepared by your mom. Out-of-state educational cost at a public university costs excessively high price, and tuition-based schools cost considerably more. To keep a constant pace with the degree requirements, foreign students must give up the desire such as wake up late, party all the time, leisurely toss footballs around, and intermittently study for exams. Pressing schedules of not just classes and activities, but real jobs also contribute creating hanky-panky situation in foreign student’s life.  Hence, each adolescent must persuade themselves saying that if you are prepared to shed your perspiration and blood in an outside land for what reason not in Nepal??

Personally, I believe we can pave a beautiful pathway towards our future in our own country. Never settle for anything less than your home country! This is where you were born, and this country needs your help and support to grow. So, consider the possibility that the legislature is bureaucratic, and things never work out as expected because of detachment and question. You can always reconcile with the fact that these things are part of human nature.

After all you may face the same challenge in some other country and then life would be so much harder. Success is a vehicle which moves on wheel named hard work, but the journey is impossible without the fuel named self-confidence. Therefore, a well-determined youth  play an essential role in adapting to and possibly even reshaping social norms. Let’s stop dreaming about America and other European countries. Every single individual should act to explore, learn, appreciate, respect, give back, share, and mentor. We do have that valor to think in an unexpected way, fearlessness to develop, to venture to every part of the unexplored way, to conquer the issue and succeed.

*Aayush Karki contributed for Mero Tribune. He currently lives in USA


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