This modern plane will carry passengers in its wing


With the fund of Dutch national carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the development of a V-shaped, fuel-efficient airplane design known as the Flying-V is  getting a boost.

According to CNN, Its futuristic design incorporates the passenger cabin, fuel tanks and cargo hold into the wings.

It’s claimed the plane will use 20% less fuel than the Airbus A350-900 while carrying a similar number of passengers — the Flying-V will seat 314, while the Airbus A350 seats between 300 and 350. The design also mirrors the A350’s 65-meter (213 feet) wingspan, enabling it to use existing airport infrastructure.”In recent years, KLM has developed as a pioneer in sustainability within the airline industry,” Pieter Elbers, CEO and president of KLM, said in a statement. “We are proud of our progressive cooperative relationship with TU Delft, which ties in well with KLM’s strategy and serves as an important milestone for us on the road to scaling-up sustainable aviation.”

If this design becomes successful, it will be the marvelous achievement. However, it requires much testing.


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