End the war

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The three blasts – one in the centre and two on the outskirt, took the life of four people. Seven people were injured in the incident. crude explosive devices were used to set off the explosion.

Pamphlets of Maiost splinter group, Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal was found nearby. According to the the source, the activists of the party were preparing bombs to make the next day shutdown(banda) successful. The had planned to explode bombs in ten places.

Since a decade-long civil war ended in 2006, Nepal has remained peaceful after the rebel groups joined the government. However, some fractions werent satisfied and they blamed their leaders are betraying their revolutionary ideals. After Biplav group (Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal) was banned by the government, they went underground and carrying out their activities.

Can a country like Nepal bear another civil war again? If it happens, it will be the most unfortunate for the country. What’s the use of war? Just to make their leader the supreme commander of the country?  Though there was a 10 year long civil war in the name of change and development, there was of course a change, in the lifestyle of leaders not for country and in the lifestyle of people. So, there is no meaning of next civil war. The government and rebel group should find a common way to end this bottleneck and gear up for the development and prosperity of country.


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