The murder of Anjana Lama Mahat : the cruelest act


The murder of 25 year old lady by her own brother-in-law in the most tyrannical way has stormed the social media. Ujjwal Mahat, an audio engineer by profession killed his sister in law Anjana Lama Mahat by using a sharp weapon in Dholahity of Lalitpur.

Mahat fragmented his sister in law in the cruelest way. Even the policemen who are investigating this incident are surprised and they are asking how can anyone be so cruel.

The actual reason of the incident hasnt been identified yet but his background depicts he was suffering from depression. Sigmund Freud refers depression as anger turned inward. While many people may regard this as an overly simplistic approach, there is no doubt that anger plays a vital role in depression. Generally when it comes to emotional disorder, usually anger has negative impact. Most depressed patient dont express the anger and turn inward. It may be tough for most people to identify anger as a depressed state. When people are at the end of their rope, the phrase: “I have one nerve left and you’re standing on it” becomes more relevant. In Mahat’s case also it seems the rage turned into violent action. The rage may be the reflection of critical inner voices that perpetuates the feeling of hating the self.

Fear and depression are not new to human beings. They are ongoing dynamics that have been around as long as we have existed. So, one can be the cause of others. In this case, the background suggests that he is suffering from some depression. The actual reason of it is yet to be ascertained.


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