PUBG ban in Nepal; is it a good decision?


The government has directed internet service provider (ISP) to ban PUBG, a popular multiple internet game. The Metropolitan Crime Division had filed a case to ban PUBG and the Kathmandu District Court gave a permission to ban.

People can give many reasons for the ban but it’s just an online games like other. Any games can be addictive and can have bad effects on people. It doesn’t mean government should ban all the games. In fact, many of those who ban this game may not even have played it.

Banning things even arouses curiosity finding other ways to access it. Some people may be addicted to Facebook. Viber or even internet. Addiction of anything can be bad. It doesn’t mean government should ban all these. Recently, government banned porn sites claiming it is also one of the causes for rape. It’s like people can be the scientists if they watch discovery channels.

Banning the way of life can never be the good option. In democracy, this kind of decision can cause many criticism. We have to control our way of life, ban can never be the option. Addiction of anything is always bad and banning all those can never be good decision.


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