Wearing no makeup is so beautiful

pic -youtube

Recently one video became an internet darling. The video of a judge lashing a Miss Nepal aspirant for not wearing makeup and wearing glasses was viral on social media. In fact, it outraged many.

In the video, one of the judges Rachana Gurung Sharma asks 22 year old Ashmita Maharjan that why she showed up without makeup and Maharjan honestly answers that she doesn’t know how to do make up. Gurung lashes her back saying “We at least expect you to wear makeup and come, this is disrespecting us,” According to her, showing up without makeup is disrespecting the judges. She even criticized her for wearing glasses instead of contact lenses.

Beauty pageants like Miss Nepal claims to be ‘beauty with brain’ but many get confused with the concept of beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Wearing makeup doesn’t ensure you are beautiful. The way you are and the way you feel comfortable, that makes you beautiful.

Looking beautiful in makeup is artificial. What counts is the natural beauty. Many don’t get that.  On a funny note, whats the use of such beauty where you look like Angelina Jolie with makeup and you look like potato in real. Does that count? No.


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