Legalizing Marijuana in Nepal


It took more than 40 years for United States to introduce Ending
Federal Marijuana Prohibition act that decriminalizes use of the
marijuana throughout the US. Else people would be drinking it and
state would treat citizens as criminals stemming the crime cartels.
But in Nepal, the use of marijuana is still criminalized. In 1976,
Nepal Government passed law that embargoed the cultivation and use of
marijuana. And that law was enacted largely due to the pressure given
by United States worrying that its citizens were imbued to hippy
movement that was rampant in Nepal during that time. Interestingly
United States has legalized but Nepal hasn’t sticking it to great harm
on society.

Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. But here drinking alcohol is
legal whereas drinking marijuana is illegal. Since marijuana is known
to human being, no one has ever died from its overdose. Whereas;  many
people have lost their precious lives due to use of alcohol. According
to study published in Lancet in 2010, a team of drug experts in the
U.K. determined the combined harms to others and to the user of
marijuana as less than the harms posed by alcohol or tobacco use. We
often believe that use of marijuana is often addicting. But we are
wrong. According to one study, cocaine baits about 20 percent of its
users, and heroin gets 25 percent of its users hooked. The worst of
all is tobacco, with 30 percent of its users becoming crooked. Not
only that marijuana can be used as medicine too. It plays important
role in relieving nausea. It helps in relaxation of muscle pain and
chronic pains. Getting high ensures sound sleep. Esoteric cannabinoids
can be put in lab to treat special diseases.

In Nepal, police takes action against those who use marijuana. Last
time, a friend of mine was arrested by police on charge of using
marijuana. Later, he was released with much difficulty after police
called his parents. Unfortunately, he was termed as a criminal by
police in front of them. In our society, people are allowed to smoke
cigarettes and drink alcohol. It is matter of pride for some. But
people aren’t allowed to use marijuana, a substance which is less
harmful than both of the two. Even they aren’t allowed to use in
restaurant and cafe. Last time, I was in a café in Freak street,
Newroad. A foreigner came and started using cannabis. When the owner
found it, he ordered him to leave or stop using it. It was the same
street which drew thousands of hippies in 60s and 70s. Now the time
and situation is different.

Nepal can benefit largely by the sale of marijuana if it legalizes it.
Its high time Nepal legalizes it. Let it decriminalize it and open in
Freak streets again that would attract many foreigners and hippies.
Let Kathmandu get high again and get high economically too.


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