Bank account in the name of new born girls


Chitwan, Jan 10 (RSS): The Ichhyakamana rural municipality is to open a bank account along with some deposit in the name of every baby girl born in a health institution within the rural municipality. 

The rural municipality deposits Rs. 5,000 and will ask the parents to deposit at least the same amount in the new bank account of their baby girl.  Parents with poor financial condition will be supported by donors that the rural municipality will find for support. Bank accounts will be opened in the name of the daughters born in the four health centres in the rural municipality, according to Chief of the rural municipality Geeta Gurung.

The initiative has been taken in the name of child savings programmes in order to discourage girl infanticide, said Gurung. The situation was revealed in the data of the new born in the rural municipality, which showed that of the new born babies last year 100 were sons and only 27 were daughters. 

Accordingly, the municipality had allocated a budget of Rs. 3 million for women and children for the current fiscal year. The funds are also being utilized to increase women’s awareness and provide them skills-oriented training. 


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