Corruption in buying planes : From Lauda to Wide-body


More than Rs 4 billion was filched while buying two wide body aircraft for Nepal Airlines corporation according to a report prepared by the Parliament Accounts Committee (PAC), subcommittee headed by Nepali Congress lawmaker Rajan KC. It stated that a pseudo company and agent were created allegedly to filch the money as commission.

According to the report, the managing director of Nepal Airlines Corporation, Sugatratna Kansakar is out of line. Similarly, the report has recommended punishment for the tourism minister and secretary and those related with procurement of planes. Whether the convicted will be punished or not down the line, future will show.

This is not the first time top level ministers were put through the wringer. The first  top level minister to lose the job due to plane  corruption issue was Deepak Bohora. In 2040 B.S , then NAC decided to purchase Boeing 757, that faced corruption issue and the minister Bohora was suspended.

There were many corruption cases during Girija Prasad Koirala. Lauda and Dhamija cases were popular. Dhamija case brought Sujata Koirala into limelight. During his tenure, Chase air case and China South West case were also popular. In those days, then tourism minister Tarinidatta Chataut was convicted by CIAA. Similarly, then tourism ministers Yam Lal Kandel and Bhim Rawal were convicted in Chase Air case and South West issue.


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