What made Priyanka Chopra say ‘Yes’ to Nick Jonas


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are yet to announce their much-awaited wedding but the couple never shies away from sharing the best moments of their relationship with fans. After her dreamy bridal shower on Sunday, the actor was back to work as she attended the launch of Bumble India in New York. At the event, Priyanka revealed what actually makes her relationship with Jonas work.

During an interaction with People magazine, Priyanka advised women around the world to look for a life partner who respects them over everything else. She said, “Truly this is what worked for me, he has to be someone who respects you. By that, I don’t mean makes coffee for you, not that. But someone who respects the hard work you put into your life. Who respects that if his work is important, so is yours.”

Priyanka has been accompanied by Jonas on her work trips to India and the Quantico actor is also seen cheering on the American singer at his musical concerts. Not just respect, the actor considers trust an important element of any relationship. The actor said, “Then everything is so easy because you give each other credit for your intelligence, you give each other the benefit of the doubt because you trust each other. There’s so much that comes out of that. I think don’t settle for less than that.”

Further, in the conversation with People, Priyanka Chopra also talked about her Tiffany engagement ring. “I’ve always had a romantic fascination with Tiffany since I was a kid. It’s just so chic and classy and timeless. So somewhere I’d mentioned it to Nick that I wanted my ring to be a Tiffany ring and I think he remembered, and hence the ring and the relationship with Tiffany. It does play a very special role,” she said.


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