David Beckham’s Son Draws Red Card from Users for ‘Insulting China’


Users flooded the comments section under the latest publication of aspiring model Brooklyn Beckham, who posted a photo of Chinese tourists in Italy, with angry remarks, subsequently sparking demands for his apology. His parents did not escape users’ wrath, as they were scolded for bad parenting.

Elder son of footballer David Beckham and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, 19-year-old Brooklyn, has gone private on his Instagram account with an 11.5-million-strong following after being accused of “racism” and “insulting China”, the South China Morning Post reports.

In his Instagram post, now deleted, he published two snaps from a holiday trip to Venice, Italy, with Chinese tourists in a gondola and a supermarket with a caption reading “No place like Italy innit”.

According to Sina.com.cn, the post got more than 100,000 likes, including ones from David Beckham’s two other sons and reportedly actor Ryan Reynolds, as well as many angry comments, slamming the teenager for racism. Many took their resentment to Twitter – Agency.


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