Father’s love


One day I was so angry, that I left home, swearing not to return, till I became a wealthy guy. I used to think Parents who can’t even buy me a Bike, have no rights to dream about making me an Engineer. In anger phase, I didn’t even realise that I was wearing my father’s Shoes. I even stole his wallet, which had some papers, torn as well, which my mother never known.

While, I was rushing on foot towards the bus station, I realised some prickly pain in my foot. I felt dampness inside the shoe. That is when I realised the shoe had a hole underneath. There were no buses around. Not knowing what to do, I started to look in my Dad’s wallet. I found a loan receipt of Rs. 40,000, which he had taken from his office, a Laptop bill (he had bought for me), I also found a letter from his manager to wear a neat looking shoes . I remembered my mother pestering him to buy a pair of new shoes, but he had convinced her that his shoes would last for another six month . On the way of searching I also found an old scooter to a new bike, Exchange offer letter . I instantly remembered, that when I left home, my Dad’s scooter was not there. I started feeling weak in my legs, i felt like weeping uncontrollably!
I ran back home with my foot paining, only to find my Dad , i couldn’t see him neither his scooter was there. I searched for him for a while and found him in at the exchange offer place. Looking at my Dad, my grief engulfed me. I hugged him tightly and started crying loudly, said “I dont need a bike”.

That is when I realised, the pain , hardship our parents go through, and the unconditional love that they give us. We should only look to seek our needs not our unrealistic wants. Ridiculing parents when they are alive, and longing for them when they are not around, has no meaning. Apprecriate what you got in life …


  1. धेरै राम्रो रचना।मर्म स्पर्सी।ज्ञान वर्ध्दक।


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